Enroll a Stakeholder: Courses, Training Plans, Requirements Trackers

About Training Plan Assignments

A Training Plan is a group of courses packaged together. Signature Learning has created a number of Training Plans to simplify course enrollments. Anyone with supervisor access and above can assign learners to a training plan. Learners cannot enroll themselves.

A Course, or Module, is a single course consisting of one or more lessons and, typically, a final exam.

Training Plans update overnight.  This means that, even though the learner has completed all the courses associated with the training plan, the training plan itself will still show “incomplete” or “in progress” until the overnight updates are complete.

Important Note:  Training plans often have special completion requirements associated with them.  While you can assign a single course from a training plan to a learner, be aware that the learner may not be able to complete it due to the restrictions.  Look for the “lock” image on the course.  This indicates a special completion circumstance.

Enroll a Learner in a Course or Training Plan

  1. From the learn365 Supervisor Dashboard
    • Click Learning (left side of the screen)
  2. To enroll learners in a Training Plan (group of courses)
    • Select Training Plans 
    • Select Training Plan List
    • In the Search bar, enter search parameters, Training Plan name, or select from the list of plans displayed
    • Click the Green Learner Icon to the right of the Training Plan Name to begin selecting users to enroll
  3. To enroll learners in a Course (one single course)
    • Select Modules 
    • Select Module List
    • Click the Green Learner Icon in the “enrolled” column (to the right of the Course Name) to begin selecting users to enroll


  • Enter a search term in the search box to narrow your list of courses
  • Narrow your search by selecting a “Module Type”  (course, live event, etc)

Select Learner to Enroll

  1. Click Enrollment
  2. Narrow your list of Available Learners by using the search box or filters.
    • To narrow your list by name, type the first OR last name of the learner in the search box and click Enter.
    • To add a filter click the “+ Filters” button and check the box next to the desired filter
    • To clear any filters, click the “X Clear” button.
  3. Click the button next to name or names of the learners you wish to enroll in the training plan or course.Enroll a Learner

Other Important Notes

  • When enrolling multiple learners into the same Training Plan, it can take several minutes for the assignment to display in the learner’s view.
  • If a learner has already completed some of the courses in a training plan, he or she may not be re-enrolled in those courses.
  • Once a learner is enrolled in a training plan, he or she cannot be unenrolled from courses that were assigned by that plan.
  • To unenroll a learner from a course assigned by a training plan, the learner must be unenrolled from the entire plan.