Enroll a Stakeholder: Courses, Training Plans, Requirements Trackers

About Training Plan Assignments A Training Plan is a group of courses packaged together. Signature Learning has created a number of Training Plans to simplify course enrollments. Anyone with supervisor access and above can assign learners to a training plan. Learners cannot enroll themselves. A Course, or Module, is a single course consisting of one … Read more Enroll a Stakeholder: Courses, Training Plans, Requirements Trackers

Supervisor Navigation

The main navigation bar for Supervisors features 4 primary sections: the Dashboard, Learning, Users, and Reports. The Dashboard displays a training performance graph which displays your users progress in learn365. Use to provide a quick snapshot into overdue courses such as compliance or new hire requirements. The right-hand side of your dashboard may include Announcements … Read more Supervisor Navigation

Requirements Trackers

Requirements Trackers are a simple way to track that a stakeholder has been trained on a group of related tasks specific to a particular topic.  For example, requirements trackers can be used for general in-service education or even in-person orientation. There are several Pre-Built Requirements Trackers in learn365 to address your facility training events.  When … Read more Requirements Trackers

Introduction to learn365 Supervisor Access

Overview of learn365 (the RLMS) Your RLMS is a learning management system (LMS) that allows you to: Track live trainings across your organization. Access a complete online e-learning library of courses on a variety of topics at any time. Upload your own training documentation. Manage and monitor staff trainings through a suite of reports. Set … Read more Introduction to learn365 Supervisor Access

Exceeded Exam Attempts

Some courses may limit the number of times you can take the exam without passing.  If you exhaust your exam limit, you will receive a message like the one below.  To reset your exam attempts, contact your supervisor.   If you have exceeded your Pinnacle exam attempts, contact the Pinnacle Administrator at PinnacleAdmin@signaturehealthcarellc.com. Before attempting the … Read more Exceeded Exam Attempts

How Do I Disable Pop-Up Blockers

How Do I Disable Pop-Up Blockers The most common type of popup blocker that may be installed on your system is a blocker built into your web browser: Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome all have popup blockers built into the applications. See below for instructions for specific web browsers. To … Read more How Do I Disable Pop-Up Blockers

How to Send Email to Learners within learn365

Sending Emailing Through learn365 If your stakeholders have valid email addresses entered in their learn365 profiles, you can email them directly from learn365. To do so, complete the steps below. (Note: Supervisor access required) Login to www.shclearn.com. Enter your username and password. Click on Training and Enrollment. Click on Modules and Enrollment. Locate the course … Read more How to Send Email to Learners within learn365