Understanding the CIA Training Education Report

The CIA Training Education Report is a shared report in learn365. It is considered a “Learner Status Report” which means that it focuses on reporting where each learner is in completing the courses or training plans selected for the report. The report has been set up with the exact parameters you need so do not edit any of the parameters used for this report.

Section 1: The Parameters

At the top of the report you will see what parameters (options) were used to create the report. Two important things to note:

1. The report defaults to your highest level of access in learn365. So, if you are not seeing all the facilities you need to see, please email learninghelp@shccs.com.

2. The date listed will be the date you accessed the report in learn365 or received it via email. Please note: if you receive it via email, the report will only show data as of the previous day at the time the report was automatically run. So, for example, people who complete courses after 10 PM the day before the report was emailed may not show up on an emailed report as having completed it.

Example of Section 1 of Learner Status Report

Section 2: The Summary Statistics

The summary statistics section section provides a snapshot of how complete your facility/region/network is with the CIA training based on how many of the CIA courses have been completed versus how many courses were assigned. This does NOT summarize how many learners have completed all required CIA training.

To see which learners have completed their CIA training, you will have to look at each learner. See section 3 for details.

In this example, only 14 of the 274 assigned CIA courses have been completed.

Section 3: Facility and Learner Details

This section provides the details you need. By default, the spreadsheet is collapsed to facility. To get more detail, click the plus icon. In the example below, the default access level is a facility level.

This is what section 3 looks like by default when your access is at a facility level. Click the + icon to expand the details.

Once you click the plus icon, the Excel spreadsheet will expand and show the next level which is learners. Once you are at the level of seeing learners, you can tell who has completed all of their required training by looking at the Total Completion % column. If it says 100%, they have completed all of their CIA required training.

Clicking the plus icon again will get you to see where each learner stands on each course they have been assigned. This level is helpful if you want to know which courses a specific learner has yet to complete.