About Training Plan Assignments

A Training Plan is a group of courses packaged together. Signature Learning has created a number of Training Plans to simplify course enrollments. Anyone with supervisor access and above can assign learners to a training plan. Learners cannot enroll themselves.

Enroll a Learner in a Course or Training Plan

Enroll a Learner in a Course or Training Plan

  1. From the learn365 Supervisor Dashboard
    • Click Learning (left side of the screen)
  2. To enroll learners in a Training Plan (group of courses)
    • Select Training Plans 
    • Select Training Plan List
    • In the Search bar, enter search parameters, Training Plan name, or select from the list of plans displayed
    • Click the Green Learner Icon to the right of the Training Plan Name to begin selecting users to enroll
  3. To enroll learners in a Course (one single course)
    • Select Modules 
    • Select Module List
    • Click the Green Learner Icon in the “enrolled” column (to the right of the Course Name) to begin selecting users to enroll


  • Enter a search term in the search box to narrow your list of courses
  • Narrow your search by selecting a “Module Type”  (course, live event, etc)

Select Learner to Enroll

  1. Click Enrollment
  2. Narrow your list of Available Learners by using the search box or filters.
    • To narrow your list by name, type the first OR last name of the learner in the search box and click Enter.
    • To add a filter click the “+ Filters” button and check the box next to the desired filter
    • To clear any filters, click the “X Clear” button.
  3. Click the button next to name or names of the learners you wish to enroll in the training plan or course.Enroll a Learner

Important Notes

  • When enrolling multiple learners into the same Training Plan, it can take several minutes for the assignment to display in the learner’s view.
  • If a learner has already completed some of the courses in a training plan, he or she may not be re-enrolled in those courses.
  • Once a learner is enrolled in a training plan, he or she cannot be unenrolled from courses that were assigned by that plan.
  • To unenroll a learner from a course assigned by a training plan, the learner must be unenrolled from the entire plan.

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