Troubleshooting Login Problems for learn365

You can’t get past the main login screen

Has it been 24 hours since your start date?

  • If it’s your first day on the job, you may not be in the system yet. Wait for the nightly learn365 updates that capture all new users and please try again in 24 hours.

Did you enter your log in credentials correctly?

  • Login credentials vary based your role and hire date. Make sure you’re using the correct ones.  
  • For more information about determining YOUR correct login credentials, please contact the IT helpdesk.

You are a student or contractor

Are you using the right log in page?   

Students and Contractors have a separate log in page.  Click on the blue “Access the Contractor and Student Login Page” link on the main sign in page, then enter your credentials on the next page. 

If you can login to main page but are denied access to learn365

If you can login successfully to but have trouble on screen number 2 (see below), then IT will need to help. Submit a Help Desk Request Ticket and we’ll work with IT to get it resolved. In your ticket, be sure to say, “I can login to the main page but get denied access when I click the learn365 logo.”